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I just restarted my server and now when I boot up one of my Ubuntu 11.04 Server instances I am greeted with errors. It doesn't boot up. Screenshot of boot up screen

I am pretty sure this is not a hardware error as I have other servers that are successfully booting up. In case it is relevant, all of these machines are running on a Proxmox server.

I tried running the recovery tool but I am not having any luck solving anything. When I try to mount /dev/sda1 in recovery it looks like there is nothing but the kernel on the disk. What can I try?? Needless to say I really don't want to reinstall Ubuntu and wipe my disk clean.


Edit: When I try to mount the root partition and go in the target folder I only get: Target

It looks like I am supposed to mount the /dev/WEBAPPS-LOCAL/root drive to the /target folder, but when I do I get a "Segmentation fault" error.

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OK, first of all this appears to be a KVM running on Proxmox, right?

/dev/sda1 appears to be a separate boot partition (/boot). You are probably looking to set /dev/sda2 as the target in recovery mode, which should contain /, /sbin, /proc etc. where the problem lies (can't find init).

Based on the segfaults you get, it looks like the root ilesystem on /dev/sda2 may be corrupted. Please run sudo fsck on it; you may have to attach an Ubuntu LiveCD ISO to your KVM and boot from that to be able to do so.

A screenshot of the full text preceding the segmentation fault on boot up (see cutoff portion in first screenshot) might also be helpful.

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Thank you for your response. I figured it out and posted my response below. I appreciate your help! – skaz Jul 10 '12 at 0:55
@skaz: please consider upvoting then answer and accepting either it or your own so that the question is "closed". Thanks! :) – izx Jul 10 '12 at 1:00
Will do - need to wait two days first :( – skaz Jul 10 '12 at 2:23
Sorry, I forget that -- haven't really asked many questions on AU :) – izx Jul 10 '12 at 2:24

It looks like my disk was corrupted. The root disk in the Proxmox environment looks like it is: /dev/WEBAPPS-LOCAL/root.

When I ran the Live CD I could not mount this target as I got a seg fault. I couldn't run fsck after I tried this: it said I couldn't fsck something that was mounted. It must have been in some intermittent state.

I reran the LiveCD again, went into Recovery mode and this time attempted to run no disks as root. Then in the shell I ran fsck against /dev/WEBAPPS-LOCAL/root and it made some fixes. Then I was able to boot into the server correctly.

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