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I installed Ubuntu on windows like it says to do it on Ubuntu's website as an application. I did not want it to create a separate partition on my hard drive. A few days ago, I uninstalled Ubuntu by going into the Windows control panel and hitting uninstall. As you would expect, I would get back my 100 or so gb on the disc. i never really installed anything of importance on ubuntu so i never had a second thought about uninstalling it.

But I never got back my 100gb from Ubuntu. Now when I add up all of the folders on my c drive, they total to the amount I had on windows before I uninstalled Ubuntu but when I look at the My Computer screen, it says that another 100 or so gb is missing. I tried defragmenting the disc, downloading various disc managers but nothing fixed the space problem.

Can anyone please help me with this!!??? Any help is much appreciated!

Just making sure: UBUNTU WAS NOT ON A SEPARATE PARTITION, IT WAS INSTALLED AS AN APPLICATION ON WINDOWS. It tells yuo how to do this here except i did it with a much older version (i think it was 8.04 or soemthing):

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100GB are you sure that is Ubuntu. You must have installed everything. I have had this box installed for over a year and keep adding stuff I am using 9.8GB for os/diskcaches/temporary files etc. and 87GB for my files/videos/movies/and mostly multiple snapshots of a virtual box windows 7. Can you show us where it says space is missing? – richard Jul 9 '12 at 21:13
Try a graphical disk usage analyser, look for big blocks of stuff. 100GB should be easy to spot. see – richard Jul 10 '12 at 8:19

I'm assuming you used the "Wubi" installer? I've never used it personally so please take that into consideration with my advice below.

Did the total disk space decrease? If so, then it created a partition and I can walk you through fixing that.

If the total disk space didn't decrease then it created a virtual file system file and you could probably find it using WinDirStat (a very useful program to see what's using up disk space)

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Wubi should have installed in the following directories:




I don't know why they wouldn't have been removed in the uninstallation process, but if the rest of the process went fine and it isn't listed anymore as an installed program or in the boot menu, then this should be all you need to do to completely remove it.

Before you do this though you should check if it's still listed as an installed application or if it's in the boot menu. If it is, you can either try to uninstall again through the control panel, try uninstalling using C:\ubuntu\Uninstall-Ubuntu.exe or you could follow the manual uninstallation instructions here

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