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I have an Ubuntu 12.04 installed on my iMac and would like to use my other old iMac, also running Ubuntu 12.04, as an external Monitor. Functionally if I were to move my cursor to the extreme right, as you would if you had a second monitor, it would switch to the other iMac and would be using it.

Can't use TwinView as both computers are not NVidia based.

I used to have this functionality in WinXP and it worked quite nicely because the 'second monitor' could run intensive processes without interfering with my main computer because its running on a separate computer.

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Because they are separate computers, you cannot use anything like TwinView or Xinerama, as they are not separate monitors on the same computer.

You can however, use synergy or x2x to accomplish what you want to do. Using synergy is probably easier, and there is a simple GUI called quicksynergy, which you can install to make using it easier.

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