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So I've downloaded jdk7 pretty much since the first day I started using Ubuntu 12.04 so that I could start using Eclipse under the most up-to-date version of java. I built and completed a project with the Java 7 library, but when I tried to run its jar via the terminal, it said Java 7 was not compatible. In the terminal, I ran

java -version

and it said I had JRE6. But how is that possible if I installed jdk7? Should I install it separately?

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Yes, you likely have to install it separately. If you install openjdk-7 from a 3rd-party PPA, they likely would've added the dependency on jre-7 into it. If you downloaded Oracle JDK 7, then you need Oracle JRE 7 (located here).

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But the oracle website says that jre is included when you download jdk – Muhammad Khan Jul 9 '12 at 4:46
using the command whereis java, see if there are any executables in the Java 7 directory. – kroq-gar78 Jul 9 '12 at 4:58

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