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I ssh into the machines on my network using hostname.local. I've forgotten the hostname for one of the machines. Is there a command I can issue from one machine that will broadcast a request for and display all the hostnames for the machines on my lan?

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A good tool to scan all hostnames on a network is nbtscan. Their website is below if you would like more information:


You can install it in the Software Center by searching for 'nbtscan', through their website, or via Terminal:

sudo apt-get install nbtscan
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Avahi tools

There also are tools from the Avahi package to list services.

  • avahi-browse (from avahi-utils Install avahi-utils)
    Command line tool that browses the network for any services used by Avahi.

    avahi-browse -at
  • avahi-discover Install avahi-discover
    Is a GUI to display all Avahi services available:

    enter image description here

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Thank you! I suspected avahi might be a solution. – naftalimich Jul 9 '12 at 19:38

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