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I finished my app but I'm totally confused about how to submit it to launchpad and the software center. I'm also new to launchpad.

1) I created a project at launchpad and synchronized an OpenPGP key via the password tool. This was about 30 minutes ago but launchpad still shows "No OpenPGP keys registered." Is this normal?

2) What I have to do next with the PPA?

3) How do I submit my app? Do I have to adjust files with the PPA? The showdown blog shows that quickly submitubuntu is enough but here in the forum I read about quickly release or quickly share. So which one is correct?

4) Do I have to add this file to launchpad as well?

5) Do I get a confirmation that my app was correctly submitted and take part of the contest? Since I do it for first time I want to be sure that everything is ok.

I'm sorry for all my questions and I know that there are many topics about it but everywhere something different is written and I'm confused how to proceed.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: After a lot of readings I found this two threads the most helpful:

Upload quickly project to Launchpad with "quickly share" not working!

Launchpad failed to build after "quickly submitubuntu"

I hope I did everything correctly...

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Thanks for participating in the Ubuntu App Showdown. In terms of submitting your app, it is clearly explained in Step 4 on developer.ubuntu.com/showdown. Regarding the other questions, could you please file them as a separate question each, so that they can be properly answered? Thanks! –  David Planella Jul 9 '12 at 7:02