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I would like my window buttons to be elementary like with the close button on the left and maximise on the right with no minimise button. Gnome Tweak Tool seems to only allow me to move all buttons, not individual buttons. How can I achieve this? Thanks

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In case you don't have gconf-editor: install it by this command

sudo apt-get install gconf-editor

After installing:

  1. Press ALT + F2 to bring Dash command window

  2. Type gconf-editor in that window

  3. After opening gconf-editor, Go to appps --> metacity --> general

  4. Change the button_layout option to this value menu,close:maximize

  5. Close the gconf-editor.

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To achieve a close button on left and a maximize button on right of the title bar, Do this:

  1. Open a terminal by using CTRL + ALT + T

  2. Then write this command below and hit Enter

    gsettings set button-layout 'close:maximize'

You're done. Here is a screenshot of the Opera browser window:

enter image description here

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