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I work with Xubuntu 12.04 and use Okular (version 0.14.3) to view pdf files. If I click a web link in a pdf file (created with "pdflatex" using the "hyperref" package), "Abiword" (It's a word-processing software, like Libreoffice writer) is opened instead of my default browser google-chrome. How can I change this behavior? The settings in Okular do not seem to provide a solution.

(Note that I set google-chrome as the preferred application for web browsing under Settings -> Preferred Applications, so that's not the problem).

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Is this happening only with okular? Have you tried any other pdf viewer such as evince? – Anwar Shah Jul 13 '12 at 6:30

The answer by @Marius is correct. It helped me. Just a clarification.

  1. Run kcmshell4 filetypes in a console or by Alt+F2. File Associations - KDE Control Module will open.
  2. Search for html and select the file type text/html.
  3. Move the application name you want to be a default for html in the "Application Preference Order" to the top.
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The answer can be found in the okular devel list here

The important part is quoted here

Is it linking to an html file? If so you might want to also check which is the default application in kcmshell4 filetypes for html mimetype.

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Though theoretically the answer may be correct. But it is preferable to include the necessary details here. – Anwar Shah Jul 13 '12 at 6:32

For newer KDE versions you might need to run:

kcmshell4 componentchooser

and set the "Web Browser" to the command of your preferred browser.

This worked on Arch Linux, at least.

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This worked for me too! (I'm on Openbox on ArchLinux) – Abhinav Jan 15 at 19:58

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