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I have created a Quickly app and I'm trying to create a package for distributing it through the Software Center.

However, whenever I try one of the Quickly packaging commands (package, share, release or submitubuntu), it fails without telling me exactly why.

How can I troubleshoot the packaging failure so I can either investigate it or ask for help about it?

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Use package command to build a local package, specifying the --verbose option. This will give you the full output of the underlying tools Quickly invokes to create your package. Run it as such on your project folder:

quickly package --verbose

Another command that might help:

python build

Common issues

Non-Quickly build

The Quickly packaging commands overwrite the packaging control files every time they are run. In some occasions, and if you know what you are doing, you might want or need to modify them without Quickly overwriting them. In those cases you can:

  1. Do the required changes to the packaging control files
  2. Run debuild -S in your source tree to build a local source package
  3. Run dput ppa:yourusername/ppa ../projectname_*_source.changes to upload the local source package to your remote PPA in Launchpad
  4. Check whether your PPA is building the package or wait for the e-mail from Launchpad to indicate success or failure
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