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How to prevent Muon from asking a password when installing updates?

Adding user ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL to sudoers does not help. sudo apt-get upgrade works without a password, but Muon is still asking for it.

It is very annoying to enter password every day to install updates.

(Kubuntu 12.04)

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I believe this is perfectly possible if the PolicyKit Authorization Manager was packaged up for Ubuntu. However... Where is the KDE PolicyKit Authorization manager in Kubuntu? – gertvdijk Feb 1 '13 at 14:24
At the risk of not answering your question properly .. Its a VERY good idea to review the updates being applied to your system. Even a glance at what has been changed cuts down alot of pain if something subsequently goes wrong. you can create a script and add it to crontab as stated here in another reply. add the lines apt-get update apt-get -y dist-upgrade >> /root/myautoupdate.log Least that way you can review the updates or tail -f /root/myautoupdate.log to see them happening – rupert Mar 28 '13 at 4:33

try with configuring your crontab file, to make updates automatically, as root user, example:

in terminal write (as root loged user):

nano /etc/crontab

Then, for example, if you want updates every single day to perform at for example 14:30 o'clock at end of that file write:

30 14 * * * root apt-get update

and simply save changes.

That can help, and to don't worry about everyday updates, as it do that automatically at given time and given user and given command.

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