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How to disable all password prompts?

I've looked all over Google for a way to disable those annoying password prompts. So far the only one that's worked is editing the sudoer file, but then this only disables the Password prompt for sudo in the terminal program. I still need to trash the one for su and the one for installing software.

Another irritant is that this OS won't allow you to put a simple password , it has to be unmemorizable.

I'd much prefer the possibility of some intruder trashing my setup than having that annoying Password prompt constantly pop up - so much so that I resorted to putting a text file on my desktop with the passwords on it, so I can easily retrieve them.

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On 12.04 for package management

gksudo gedit  /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/package-manager.pkla

Use this, save

[Install package file]

[Install package synaptic]

[Change add repo]

As far as a password - when you first install Ubuntu still allows a min. password of 1 character. After install it goes up to 6 min.

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