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You don't need to install anything. The drivers for intel graphics cards are open source and already integrated into Ubuntu.

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The 82845g doesn't seem to work well in any Linux distro. It randomly freezes. Switching to the vesa driver will prevent this, but only allow a very low resolution display.

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I realize that this thread is pretty old, but I found some information that may help any future visitors who come here as I did in a desperate search for answers. I have a circa-2004 Dell Dimension 2400 with the 82845G chipset that I really wanted to install Linux on for a client, and was about to give up - esp. after reading numerous posts like this - when I decided to give Lubuntu 14.04 a try. Much to my amazement it installed and ran fine with all updates installed. Its not the perfect DE for this particular client (I was hoping for something a little more Windows-like, as they are Linux virgins) but hey, it works! Hope this info helps someone else as well

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