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I'm trying to install Wireshark 1.6 on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx from PPA (n-muench/programs-ppa2).
The libwsutil1 version is named 1.6.0-1~ppa1 so it should satisfy libwiretap1 dependency that needs version 1.6.0-1 ;
But it doesn't !!
I tried this:

sudo apt-get install libwiretap1

And this:

sudo apt-get -fm install libwiretap1

Both responded this:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
  libwiretap1: Depends: libwsutil1 (>= 1.6.0-1) but 1.6.0-1~ppa1 is to be installed
E: Broken packages

(Notice that the ~ppa1 postfix seems to be the problem!)

What can I do?

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The -1~ppa1 tells the system that this isnt -1, but rather a version that will be overridden by -1. This therefore is not an issue with "version check", nor is it a mistake, it's by design. The special ~ symbol in the version means "This version does not supercede version -1 of the same package, and may be superceded by version -1 of the package, or by a later upstream version release that gets packaged."

To do this, with the PPA, the version you see in that number would need to be 1.6.0-1 (within the PPA) in order for the system to recognize it as 1.6.0-1.

This is why packages such as PHP 5 release candidates get overridden when a stable release comes out (php 5.4.0-1~rc3 vs. php 5.4.0-1, where the rc3 is a release candidate and the non-rc3 is the stable)

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But a problem: both libwiretap1 and its dependency libwsutil1 are from same PPA so both have "-1~ppa1" so they should work with eachother while they don't! it seems libwiretap1 that has -1~ppa1 itself, depends on pure -1 verson of libwsutil1! Can I do something to fix this or I need find another PPA? – RYN Jul 5 '12 at 19:46
@4r1y4n that's because they didnt configure the packages correctly within the debian/control file of the PPA's packages. You'll need to either poke the creator of the PPA, and tell them to update both debian/control files' dependency lines to say: [package] (>=1.6.0-1~ppa1), where [package] is the package name (whether its libwiretap1 or libwsutil1, such as in libwiretap1's debian/control, [package] is libwsutil1), or find another PPA with correctly configured packages. – Thomas Ward Jul 6 '12 at 13:21
@4r1y4n (ran out of space) Normally someone packaging programs would make sure the debian/control files wouldnt break like this, especially if they tack on the ~ppa# suffix (you should see my PPAs, if they depend on eachother as a version, they're set correctly before I upload to a PPA, but hey, i'm a packager, its a habit i check everything before making a PPA public, or "production stable" so to speak) – Thomas Ward Jul 6 '12 at 13:27

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