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under the hood, What is Quickly made of?

It's a wrapper to python? It's a compiled language? It's portable? What about the architecture and the design?

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Quickly is a group of programs and scripts (such Gedit, Glade or quickly itself) which allows you to easily create a Python/GTK-based Ubuntu program. It creates your app importing a template, then you can modify the UI and the scripts, and finally, it allows you to share your app creating Debian packages or uploading to a Launchpad PPA.

As is based in Python (yep, it's a wrapper!), Quickly is architect-independent. You can edit and run your Quickly apps in a i386 or x86_64-based computer with no problems (does it works with ARM?).

To install it, just click here.

It haves (actually) no GUI interface, so you have to use the terminal. Here you have some simple commands:

  • quickly create ubuntu-application <project_name> creates the project. cd <project_name> after finished.
  • quickly edit opens the scripts files using Gedit. You can edit the app here.
  • quickly design shows the GUI files using Glade, allowing you to design the menus.
  • quickly run executes your app. Use this for testing.
  • quickly save saves your actual progress using Bazaar. Set up your Bazaar e-mail before doing this!
  • quickly package makes a .deb package from your source code.
  • quickly release uploades your app to your own Launchpad PPA.

I think that a tutorial is better than a small reference guide... so, after installing Quickly, run quickly tutorial.

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As some examination of apt-get source quickly will tell you, Quickly can best be described as a wrapper written in Python.

  • setup.py:31: print >> sys.stderr, 'To build quickly you need https://launchpad.net/python-distutils-extra'
  • quickly executable line 1: #!/usr/bin/python
  • ~/src/quickly-12.04$ ls quickly returns:
    api.py              bzrbinding.py  configurationhandler.py  init.py         quicklyconfig.py  test      version.py
    builtincommands.py  commands.py    coreupgrade.py           launchpadaccess.py  templatetools.py  tools.py
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