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Which are all the steps? I'm going to reply below :)

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I had some doubts submiting an app to the Ubuntu Software Center for the Ubuntu App Showdown. Here there are all the commands for a right submit:

quickly create ubuntu-application yourProject
cd yourProject
quickly configure bzr lp:~launchpadUsername/yourProject/trunk
quickly configure ppa launchpadUsername/yourProject
python build_i18n
save "Releasing version 0.1"
bzr push --overwrite lp:yourPPAName 
quickly package --extras
sed -i -e 's/Build-Depends:\ /Build-Depends:\ libglib2.0-bin, \ /' debian/control
Open debian/changelog > Change your email to your public key
debuild -S
dput ppa:launchpadUsername/yourPPAName ../project_version_source.changes

Submit the app to, remember attach the file in the comments and the PPA!!! You don't need upload a package or file, just with the PPA will be fine :)

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Note that we fixed the bug in the submitubuntu command, so if you install the Quickly version from precise-proposed, as described in the Ubuntu App Developer Blog, you can just a) replace the save command above with quickly submitubuntu and b) remove everything below the bzr push line. Much easier :) – David Planella Jul 7 '12 at 7:34

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