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I downloaded Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS 32-bit. Used the Universal USB Installer, but it wouldnt recognize the file. It was a clean download and I'm quite sure that its not damaged. Any suggestion or any other software you'd recommend?

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Its not recognizing the ISO? What OS are using to create the USB? – Mitch Jul 5 '12 at 7:27
Try Unetbootin , also verify the md5sum of ISO before using using it. – atenz Jul 5 '12 at 7:52
Did you download the latest version of Universal USB installer‌​. Because if you have an older version, it will not recognize the newer iso. – Anwar Shah Jul 5 '12 at 9:28
@tijybba I recommend posting that as an answer. – Eliah Kagan Jul 5 '12 at 14:29

Try Unetbootin ,select the appropriate installer file based on your Current OS and also verify the md5sum of ISO before using it.

A suggestion , see screenshot

enter image description here

  1. Don't select the first option Distribution , because it does not lists the current Ubuntu Precise Pangolin 12.04 edition. So rather ,
  2. Select the Diskimage option , then Browse to the location of the Ubuntu ISO image from the .... button.
  3. IMPORTANT option , select the Type and Drive Option Very Carefully to avoid data loss . If it is Usb Drive , most probably will be sdbX , sdcX, do a cross check and Proceed with OK option.
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I faced the same problem in my windows 7. It doesn't recognize not only ubuntu iso but also all other ISO I have.

I would recomend, LILI.

From here you can get it.

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The utility looks for a certain file name pattern, not just the extension. So, ensure you are selecting the correct OS type - Desktop or Server.

If you select 'Ubuntu' it will look for the 'Desktop' iso and ignore all others. If you select Ubuntu Server it will look for the Server iso and ignore all others.

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I was able to get around this problem with Universal USB Installer by selecting "Try Unlisted Linux" as the distro. It also would not display my USB drive so I had to select "show all drives". After that I got the "create" button to appear.

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I faced the same problem. Be sure that the iso's name matches exactly the name that appears in Step 2. If they don't match you can solve it renaming the iso file. It worked for me.

enter image description here

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The name is probably ubuntu-12.04.4-Alternate-i386, so change alternate to Desktop, the application tells you that is the way it determine it.

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The OP says they downloaded an Ubuntu Desktop image. ("I downloaded Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS 32-bit.") If that's the case, why would the iso file be named "alternate" instead of "desktop"? – Eliah Kagan Aug 30 '14 at 10:02

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