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I know in a lot of source control tracking systems (Redmine, Trac, Jira) you can add magic words like resolves #1234 in your commit message to have the bug updated to a certain status. Is there a feature like this with Launchpad - if so where, or what, is the list of magic keywords?

An example can be seen on Redmine's issue tracker page. has two "Associated Revisions"

They're associated because the commit message has Fixed: Wiki#find_page should not be case sensitive because page title uniqueness is not (#6987). The combination of Fixed as a keyword and #6987, bug's unique ID, automatically updated the associated ticked to fixed.

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You can tag the last revision if that's what you're looking for. Just use bzr tag [tag]. – Nathan Osman Dec 3 '10 at 4:11
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When making a commit, metadata about bugs fixed by that change can be recorded by using the --fixes option. For each bug marked as fixed, an entry is included in the ‘bugs’ revision property stating ‘<url> <status>’. (The only status value currently supported is fixed.)

The --fixes option allows you to specify a bug tracker and a bug identifier rather than a full URL. This looks like:

bzr commit --fixes <tracker>:<id>

For example, bzr commit --fixes lp:1234 -m "Fixes bug #1234 will mark Launchpad bug #1234 as fixed. The "Fixes bug #1234" message does not mark the bug as fixed but it will link to the bug report when browsing the commit history in Launchpad.
alt text

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