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i execute quickly share and i get

Launchpad connection is ok
Command returned some WARNINGS:
WARNING: the following files are not recognized by
An error has occurred when creating debian packaging
ERROR: can't create or update ubuntu package
ERROR: share command failed

the previous time i run the command everything worked! the previous time i was using ubuntu but now i am using linux mint 13... i get the same error with quickly package! i need to package my app for the contest..

edit: now i get this too

ERROR: Python module helpers not found
ERROR: Python module Window not found
ERROR: Python module mangarconfig not found
ERROR: Python module Builder not found

those files exist in the package_lib folder, why it cannot find them?

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You might be affected by this problem:… – mivoligo Jul 5 '12 at 13:36
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I had some problems with Quickly, could you try the next?

  • Rename your folder.
  • Create again the project with quickly.
  • Copy all files from the renamed folder to the new project.
  • Try again ;)

Between the 2º and 3º step you must configure the branch:

quickly configure bzr lp:~launchpadUserName/launchpadProject/trunk
quickly configure ppa launchpadUserName/launchpadProject
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