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However GParted detects them. The filesystems were ext4 and NTFS (old Windows partition). They used to be mounted at /media/part1 for the ext4 and /media/ntfs.

Last night after reading through the man pages for mount and fs, I put together this solution: create the missing directories in the /media directory and then type:

sudo mount /dev/sda1 ext4

... etc.

Is this the way to fix the problem?

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If your partitions are labeled you can try with:

udisks --mount /dev/disk/by-label/<partition-label>

which will mount your partition in /media/<partition-label>. For labeling partitions (which is just naming them), you can use GParted. It is nice to have labels for your partitions anyway. udisks if configured correctly does not prompt you for root privileges.

Another way is issuing:

sudo blkid

to get your partitions UUID, and using

udisks --mount /dev/disk/by-uuid/<partition-uuid>

(This mounts the partition in /media/<partition-label> if the partition has a label.)

Read man udisks to see other features.

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