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I recently turned off the login password so i would not have to enter my password every time I turn the system on. But now when I try to update or download anything it asks me for my password so I enter my old password and it keeps telling me its wrong when I have only ever had the 1 password and its a simple 1 so I would not forget and considering I have only had UBUNTU installed for two days it is really frustrating. I have also tried resetting it via the GRUB but it wont let me type the new password. Please help ASAP.

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When using recovery mode from grub, you need to drop to a root shell, then remount the drive with write permissions using this command

mount -o rw,remount /

Then you can change the password for your account using the following command (replace username with your username).

passwd username

Then enter the new password twice, you will not see what you are typing.

Then reboot and login using the new password.

Have a look at this page on my website for a more detailed guide if needed.

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You can boot from a live cd and then reset the password from there. Here's a guide on how to do just that:

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