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i am trying hard to get hibernation mode working on a Sony Vaio X Laptop. I already tried what this guy is advising, but it wasn't helping: http://westhoffswelt.de/blog/0041_sony_vaio_x_ubuntu_installation_experience.html

Maybe someone else had the same problem and could solve it somehow?

Cheers, Luki

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Here's a link with instructions on How To Enable Hibernate LINK

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Hey, thanks for the advice. The problem is, that pm-hibernate seems to wake up the computer immediately. After showing some lines like: (9795.534485) drm_sysfs_suspend or [drm:psb_xhw_add] *ERROR* No Xpsb 3D extension available I think it deals something with the Intel GMA500 card. Anyone an idea? Cheers –  Luki Jul 9 '12 at 11:15

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