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I have this iso file ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso and then I downloaded the corresponding wubi installer for this version. Place them inside the same directory in Windows, but instead of making use of the iso file it ignores it and goes ahead with downloading another one. What am I supposed to do? Did I download the wrong version of iso file?

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Note: wubi.exe will say "downloading files" for a short time even if it is using the pre-downloaded ISO. Please follow the steps below and try again.

Quick links to wubi.exe and appropriate ISOs:

Requirements to use an existing ISO:

In general, here are the requirements to use a pre-downloaded ISO with Wubi along with my recommendations for a successful install:

  • You must download the desktop CD version of the ISO and place it in the same directory/folder as wubi.exe before running wubi.exe
    • Get both wubi.exe and the ISO from the same server folder, e.g.
    • I highly recommend creating a new folder with but two files in it: wubi.exe and the ISO
    • The ISO can be 32-bit (i386) or 64-bit (amd64); Wubi will happily install whichever it finds in its folder.
  • Alternate/server ISOs are not supported
  • DVD ISOs are not supported except for Edubuntu

Illustration of the misleading "downloading/retrieving" issue:

enter image description here

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