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So I am writing a python script that is attempting to use UDisk to mount and unmount devices. I'm using something like this:

disk_dev_func = dbus.Interface(self.device_obj, "org.freedesktop.UDisks.Device")

So the unmount works just fine, my question, however is how to get the last line (mount) to work. I want to know what arguments I need to mount a device READ ONLY and I cannot for the life of me find any adequate examples of how to do this.

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It's not a proper cut and paste answer, but here's a list of dbus parameters… – RobotHumans Jul 3 '12 at 23:31
searched through there and couldnt figure it out either – Ryan Jul 5 '12 at 17:03
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Ok, so I found a way to make it work.

Instead of


I use['udisk', '--mount-options', 'ro', '--mount', '/dev/sdd1'])

It seems to mount correctly as read-only with this command.

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