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I cannot seem to find a default switch-user shortcut in Gnome Shell. Does such exist?

If not, how can I make the one? I mean, I know that I should go to Keyboard Shortcuts tool (Custom shortcuts tab), but I do not which shell command to use. Which shell command is used to activate switch user?

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

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enter image description here

What you are after is available as an extension at

Called the Alternative Status Menu - this gives you the switch-user capability.

However - if you really want a keyboard shortcut then search for keyboard and add a new short cut with either gdmflexiserver in 11.10 or dm-tool switch-to-greeter as the command together with the keyboard shortcut itself:

enter image description here

This is described further in this Q&A: - How can I invoke a user switch from the command line?

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