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Was rebuffed in more than a few tries at installing a fresh copy of 12.04 alongside my already installed win7 system.

The hard drive spun up at first but seems stuck at two small figures at the bottom center of my digital monitor. After serveral tries I swiveled my chair in puzzlement and stared at my second monitor. It's been disabled in the settings as I rarely use it, but it's hooked up to the tower. It's an analog monitor by the way. I flipped it on idly wondering why I even bothered and lo, Linux was installing after all! After install completed I was able to view both systems on my preferred digital monitor, and I turned the old analog model off again!

To the very best of my recollection, I never had this happen upon my initial install, which at the time was done with 11.10 Ubuntu. Is there an explanation why this happened?

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