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Is there an Ubuntu app to help track my expenses and make a pie graph each month?

I want to write down all my receipts and payments and personal purchases and save them on my PC to generate a family finance thing to show my wife every month.

Does anyone do something similar and have any ideas?

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Gnucash is one option. It's available in the repositories.

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Can it export the whole database to a spreadsheet (just in case I need to export the data 15 years later from now?) – Tifa Lockheart Jul 3 '12 at 8:30
Simply follow the provided link to find out :) As data can be stored in XML format, there you have one "export" ready. You can also store to a database (which also is easily exported, e.g. using a dump or even make your own stuff with SQL). And if you look into the FAQ, it even has a separate section on Importing and Exporting data. – Izzy Jul 3 '12 at 9:13

Alternatively, depending on your desktop environment and requirements, a lot of other solutions are available, as e.g. KMyMoney for KDE and more. Wikipedia has a specific category on Linux accounting software, and there's also a Comparison of accounting software you might want to check.

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