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While using testdrive gui, how to configure it to use zsync?

There seems to be no option to change that. Or is there a config file somewhere which can be edited?

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TestDrive will use rsync, and then zsync, and then wget by default.

If you'd like to force zsync, I think that's a reasonable configuration option we should support. You're welcome to file a bug against the TestDrive project in Launchpad,


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After some googling 1 it seems testdrive will use zsync by default as long it's installed.

Update: I have checked testdrive's source, it will use zsync if it can find the zsync command and if the image url starts with either http or ftp .

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Are you sure? Why I'm doubtful is because: every-time I use testdrive, for a 2day old iso, the whole iso is downloaded again. It starts from 0% but when I use zsync it starts from 50% or 60% even when the iso is 1week to 10days old. This was the main reason why I thought it wasn't using zsync. Or is something else wrong... – Vish Dec 25 '10 at 4:59

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