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I want to run Conky lua (link to conky lua on Gnome-look.org) and Conky: Metro Clock (link to conky: metro clock on devianart.com) at the same time. I want to have them both on the start up applications. I know how to install them individualy, but I am having a rough time finding out how to get them simultaneously. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04, unity desktop environment.

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Conky without parameters looks for a file named ".conkyrc" in your home folder. To use another config file you have to use the "-c" or "--config" parameter. This way you can start conky twice or how many times you want to, with each conky session using another config-file.

The included .sh-file in the archive on deviantart starts conky without parameters, so ".conkyrc" in your home-folder will be used. => The first session

If you put the "conkyrc"-file from the archive on Gnome-look in your home-folder, you can use the command "conky -c ~/conkyrc". => The second session.

Both instances of Conky should be running, independently from each other, each with its own config-file.

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Simply add a second conky command for running a second instance of conky in the .sh file provided in the package. That is just add another conky -c ~/.conkyrc under the command wrritten in .sh file

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