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I have a Asus EeePC with a GMA500 video card. I followed the instructions on, which made the netbook boot correctly. Without any xorg.conf file, Xorg uses the VESA driver, which is quite slow. Manually specifying fbdev as driver in xorg.conf also works. Which one should I use? Are there any other drivers for Xorg that do better at 2d accelleration (since the kernel driver doesn't support 3d acceleration)?

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Have you read this and this too – atenz Jul 2 '12 at 18:02

Of the two, fbdev is much faster than VESA. According to a post deep in the thread on fbdev is the right choice if no 3d acceleration is available, but other than that I couldn't find any authoritative references.

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You can also try the modesetting driver, or the EMGD from the joggler's and jools repositories. EMGD 1.14 driver will give you a hardware acceleration.

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