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How to call function in quickly?

Here is my code:

def finish_initializing(self, builder): # pylint: disable=E1002
    super(projectWindow, self).finish_initializing(builder)
    self.AboutDialog = AboutprojectDialog
    self.PreferencesDialog = PreferencesprojectDialog
def test(self,widget):
    print "clicked"
def on_myButton_clicked(self,widget):

The following error I get: NameError: global name 'test' is not defined

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According to the tutorial video on ,

If your widget is named "myButton",

def test(self,widget):
    print "clicked"
def on_myButton_clicked(self,widget):

This part of your code should be rewritten to below:

self.myButton = self.builder.get_object("myButton") 
def test(widget):
    print "clicked"
def on_myButton_clicked(self, widget):

In advance, it is necessary to start Glade by quickly design command, and to create the button widget.

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test is a method of the class you are writing so you have to use


where some_widget is whatever value you want to use for the widget parameter of test.

By the way quickly isn't a programming language but a tool. The programming language you are using is Python.

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