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I get the following error at the early boot stage (soon after grub):

mount: mounts none on /dev/pts failed: Device or resource busy

I have asked the same question before here. But I was not able to solve the issue. Here is the output of the command grep -r "/dev/pts" * at /etc directory:

apparmor/severity.db:/dev/pts/* 8 9 0
apparmor.d/abstractions/consoles:  # program uses the /dev/pts/ interface, it actually has access to
apparmor.d/abstractions/consoles:  /dev/pts/[0-9]*   rw,
apparmor.d/abstractions/consoles:  /dev/pts/         r,
grep: blkid.tab: No such file or directory
init.d/umountnfs.sh:              /|/proc|/dev|/dev/pts|/dev/shm|/proc/*|/sys|/lib/init/rw)
init.d/umountfs:                  /|/proc|/dev|/.dev|/dev/pts|/dev/shm|/dev/.static/dev|/proc/*|/sys|/lib/init/rw)
mtab:none /dev/pts devpts rw,noexec,nosuid,gid=5,mode=0620 0 0
rc0.d/K02umountfs:                /|/proc|/dev|/.dev|/dev/pts|/dev/shm|/dev/.static/dev|/proc/*|/sys|/lib/init/rw)
rc0.d/S01umountnfs.sh:            /|/proc|/dev|/dev/pts|/dev/shm|/proc/*|/sys|/lib/init/rw)
rc6.d/K02umountfs:                /|/proc|/dev|/.dev|/dev/pts|/dev/shm|/dev/.static/dev|/proc/*|/sys|/lib/init/rw)
rc6.d/S01umountnfs.sh:            /|/proc|/dev|/dev/pts|/dev/shm|/proc/*|/sys|/lib/init/rw)
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