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is it possible to toggle (show/hide) the appmenu ? I've disabled the globalmenu, because i don't like the behavior.

app menus

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Other than reinstalling the global menubar, each program you use has it's own settings for their menus (the "app menus").

Right click and de-select "Show Menubar"

enter image description here

Go to ▸ View ▸ Toolbars ▸ Menu Bar

enter image description here

Right click ▸ View ▸ Minimal Interface

enter image description here

Nautilus (File manager) Not possible in current versions.

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There is a workaround. Switch on global menu feature back. And then you can run any program not using global menu, for instance:


enter image description here

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Thanks a HUGE lot!!! if you answer here I will accept there too! thx!!!!! – Aquarius Power Apr 24 at 7:33

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