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I am a programmer and I use Ubuntu One to sync files between a Windows 7 laptop and Ubuntu 12 desktop. I keep the projects that I am working on always synced so that I can work both on my desktop and laptop as needed. But today I was horrified to see few of my files having old code. I had worked on Ubuntu yesterday and today morning I switched on my laptop to let both sync. The older files in Windows were written over my newer files in Ubuntu and I had lost whole 1 day's work! There are two questions related to this problem here but they have not been answered. I have the latest version of Ubuntu One in both my PCs. How can this be prevented from happening again? Is it something that I am doing? But I haven't done anything other than installing U1 and keeping them updated!

If I don't find and answer to this soon, I will have to let go of U1 which I do not want to do. Any ideas anyone? Thank you...

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If there are similar questions which haven't been answered, it is probably because this is a bug, which you need to report and attach the necessary log files to. Or you should open a support request at instead.

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