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I have replaced the generated home with my old home folder. Now I can not log in to unity. (i can login to tty1)

How do I best fix this?

What files is needed in home to login?

I started without: .xsession file.

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Do you have a .xsession file in your home? Rename or delete it and try again. – solarc Jul 1 '12 at 22:12
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Very bizarre situation you have their. My best advice to this would create a new user from TTY1 (terminal) using the command adduser.

sudo adduser newuser

If you are able to login with the newuser account, then just copy the files out of /home/newuser into your home folder. Also, if you have to copy the files as root, make sure you correct the file ownerships.

sudo cp -a /home/newuser/. /home/myname/
sudo chown -R myname:myname /home/myname
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This solves the problem but do not answer the question. This solution resets settings in the old home that perhaps is unnecessary if a user knows what files actually is required. – Paven Jul 3 '12 at 9:46

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