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I'm trying to create a dual-boot laptop with Ubuntu 12.04 and some flavor of Windows (TBD). To do that, I need to do some work on partitions & install 12.04. To do that, I need to create a bootable USB that will work with my non-PAE-capable CPU. Someone pointed me to a mini.iso that was allegedly non-PAE-friendly, but it gave me the same error as the straightup 12.04 desktop ISO.

What version do I actually need? (This isn't going to be a virtual machine--I don't think the laptop has the RAM to handle that happily--so enabling PAE in the virtual machineware doesn't help me.)

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What cpu do you have? Anything made in the last 10 years should support it. – psusi Jul 2 '12 at 1:39

Please create your bootable USB with either the 12.04 LTS Xubuntu Desktop or Lubuntu Desktop. Both of these still support non-PAE systems and include the non-PAE kernel.

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