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I have a netbook running Ubuntu. the Ubuntu Software Center is too slow and I like add/remove applications more than I do the Ubuntu Software Center. when I try fedora I like the add/remove applications but how do I get on Ubuntu 12.04?

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Try Synaptic Manager.

enter image description here

Which provides a thorough Package installation and Uninstallation option, with Sub-Menus such as Section, Origin, Status, Custom Filters, based on type of package/software.

But i will advise you to give another try to Ubuntu Software centre , you can explore it as here

enter image description here

You can Install and Uninstall quite Easily compared to Synaptic here, you just have to choose the right options as example in the screenshot , just expand them to see it.

Third option would be apt-get to remove and install packages.

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AFAIK you have only one alternative - the Terminal. It's really straightforward. Three commands or so and you're set to use it for adding/removing programs. Quick examples:

To install firefox:

sudo apt-get install firefox

To remove firefox:

sudo apt-get remove firefox

To install a program from external repository ("repo") first you need to add the repository. To install ppa:alexx2000/doublecmd repository :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alexx2000/doublecmd
sudo apt-get update

I wouldn't recommend Synaptic manager. From my experience the risk of breaking your system is much higher when using Synaptic when compared to the Terminal (since you really limit your actions to copy/paste into Terminal anyway).

If you try out many programs I'd recommend leaving the Software Center running. It's slowest when starting up for the first time after booting your system. After that it runs bearable. Give it another try.

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You can do it easily from

Synaptic Package Manager

. To install it open a terminal & type sudo apt-get install synaptic. Then run it from application menu. Click on"Right click" and select Full remove or similar option. Then click apply. Done.

Or you can uninstall your software by terminal. Tpne in a terminal

sudo apt-get remove vlc to remove VLC. Use correct name instead of vlc. example [sudo apt-get remove firefox] remove firefox from your system

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