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I'm trying to convert kwd files into odt using Kubuntu 11.10 but I'm getting this error:

$ koconverter llaves.kwd llaves.odt

koconverter(3712)/koffice (filter manager) KoFilterManager::filterAvailable: The library  ""  does not offer a check_ ""  function. 

Object::connect: No such signal KoFilterManager::sigProgress(int)
KFilterDev::open: device is already open 
koconverter(3712)/export-filter-lib ProcessAttributes: Unexpected attribute  "xmlns"  in  "document-info" ! 

KFilterDev::open: device is already open 
koconverter(3712): "*** The conversion failed! ***
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Try open Your kwd file in Abiword and save as odt.

Also try to use kword itself to save kwd as odt.

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