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I installed Ubuntu 12.04 32bit. It's working great, but I can't get my scanner to work.

I tried to 'just scan' with simple-scan, but I got the following error:

error: no scanner detected, please check your scanner is connected an powered on

But the Scanner is powered on.

I used a scanner via USB.

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My kodak ESP C315 has a card reader slot (MS, SD/HC MMC). The only way I've been able to use the scanner is to scan to a memory card and then stick the sd card into my pc.

There are some untested drivers here but I got an error message when installing.

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I may have a workaround that is relevant to you. I have a Kodak ESP 9250, and I was able to get it running as a printer under 11.04 (since upgraded to 12.04). I had the same error as you did when I tried to scan directly to the "USB Connected Computer" option.

However, I decided to try scanning to a USB drive plugged into the front of the printer - that worked, and since I had the printer hooked up to my laptop, and the cable was still connected, the USB drive was simultaneously mounted on my laptop!

So if you do a scan to "USB Flash drive", the drive is mounted under /media, and your files are in /media/(flashdrive ID)/DCIM/(printer ID)/.

This is not much better than just scanning to the flash drive directly and moving it, but hopefully this helps.

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