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I have a modem device called Huawei ETS2051 and the Network Connection Manger can't detect it, but when I use Gnome-PPP it work fine but the problem is when I use Gnome-PPP; apps like Ubuntu software Center Can't reconice that's Iam connecting to the Internet so the app is just act like it's offline while other apps like web browsers and IM's work good under Gnome-PPP. any way what I want is to have a Full Ubuntu experince by making The Network Connection Manger detect my ETS2051.

More information: Gnome-PPP is a GUI for wvdial. the ETS2051 modem use a serial USB port. I have a Windows driver CD for the device. I have also find This qustion about the software Center acting like it's offline around wvdial and there's this launchpad bug. and am really insest to use Ubuntu Software Center so please no other software manger apps recomendation...

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I found the solution for this, you can simply stop the Network Manger and everything will run great including Ubuntu Software Center! stop it by run this commend in the terminal:

sudo stop network-manager

you can bring it back by restart your computer or simply run this:

sudo start network-manager

that's it how easy fix, but hard to get the right answer nowadays!

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open Synaptic Package Manager Type "Smartlink" into the search field in the Synaptic Package Manager and install all of smarlink package. it works with me very well

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What is Smartlink? Please include the essential parts of the answer in your post, that's better than just posting a link – Flimm Nov 12 '12 at 15:16

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