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I recently got a Ubuntu 12.04 LTS i386 DVD Rom and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS alternate cd from the zyxware.com because I don't have a broadband personal connection at home, I am using only the office INTERNET.

I have a Dell Inspiron Laptop core 2 duo Processor with 2GB Ram dual boot of Ubuntu 11.10 and Windows Vista.

I tried to upgrade My existing fully equipped streamlined Ubuntu 11.10 OS with lot of documents and socialized application packages which have been frequently used by me for the last one year.

First I tried to install upgradation from the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS alternate cd while ubuntu 11.10 is on, but every time I got a error message and I couldn't upgrade either thro desktop or through terminal.

Then I tried Ubuntu 12.04 LTS i386 DVD the boot option to DVD, I tried to upgrade from existing 11.10 to 12.04 LTS Option, then Upgrading Installation started well and finally got a message Installation completed successfully, Asked for reboot, I rebooted then I have hot a Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Login and I logged on, I have got a big shock that there is everything washed away in the home folders ( all datas, Music collections and vedios etc), all the application installed early in 11.10 were gone nothing left.

Now I have got only 12.04 LTS, even It is asking for me to update around 350 mb through net connection. How It was a crazy Ubuntu, It is not a up-gradation, new installation is not it?

I loosed everthing, at the end I got the same desktop screen like Ubuntu 11.10.

Anybody knows about what gone wrong and if any possibility to recover my datas? Please help me.

I want to Know that which method is stable to Upgrade existing Ubunt11.10

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If you have a backup/system image of your system prior to the 'upgrade' simply do a restore. I always image all my partitions prior to making any changes to my Operating Systems. I use to use Paragon 12, but recently changed to Clonezilla thanks the the expert advise found in this forum.

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TKannan is spot on! –  user73761 Jul 1 '12 at 14:25

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