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I was AFK for about 24 hours and came back to find gnome-system-monitor saying all four CPU cores on my laptop were running at full throttle. mysqld is taking up more than one full core; when I tried to end the process, it restarted with a new PID. Then there's ksoftirqd/0-3, which apparently has something to do with interrupts, but I can't tell from Google what I'm supposed to do with those four particular processes. They're taking up a quarter or more of my processor cycles. Then there's Chrome, but I can probably handle that on my own -- how do I cool down the other processes giving me problems?

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No answer, same problem. – dbrank0 Jul 2 '12 at 5:56

There is a bug in the kernel that causes a failure because of the "leap second" that happened on June 30.

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Here is a description of the problem and the fix:

To solve the problem, run

date -s "`date`" && touch /tmp/leapsecond_2012_06_30

(Those are backticks inside double-quotes. Backtick ` is the un-shifted version of the ~ key on my keyboard: below F1 and Esc on my keyboard, but above Tab. So not quite all the way to the upper left corner.)

I don't know why the second part (I guess to keep a record of it being executed?) but if Mozilla says to do it, it's probably right.

This source omits the touch part.

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