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I just booted 12.04 for installation from USB-stick. But there is a problem with the display.

After boot I see a rectangle on the lower left corner of the screen, after a while I see "Ubuntu 12.04 ..." loading from USB-Stick, the Ubuntu-Desktop starts fine, clicking on Ubuntu-Install seems to work ... till identification, then Installation-window closed and ... nothing more happens.

So I want to try Installation direct from the Menu at the beginning - before Ubuntu-12.04-loading. Butt I cannot see any menus at that time.

I think there is an graphic-problem?

How can I get the installation by menus, how would the Installation via Desktop going to work?

EDIT: ... the point is, that I cannot see the "menu" with "Try Ubuntu" etc.

I now tried to make a blind input F6 etc. The result is the Ubuntu-Desktop with the Install-icon ... that breaks after input of the identity :-(

I think, that there is a graphic-problem before initiating the start-up-menu ...

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OK. Don't worry I think this is common problem. Just do this:

When you boot, from the beginning, according to your comment you can see the menu, where you have to choose Try Ubuntu and Install Ubuntu and three more options. You click on:


and then


, You will see now one line at the bottom of your screen. At the end of that line you put:

one space

and then type this code:




Now you are going to install, maybe your screen get blank and you can not see anything, but don't worry. After a while (is better) you hold one time

Fn+Left Arrow

if you are using of laptop and if not hold those keys which are applicable to change your brightness of your screen. Now you can see the screen.

Tell me; If this was useful for you. Then I can help you more. If is not, tell me what has happened after that.

I hope this be useful for you, and especially if you are using of Acer-Aspire5732Z, This is the case, and could make sense.

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