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I have downloaded a set of icons to use for my web browser that I'm creating and would like to use. I know how to add the icons, but I only know the code for the refresh button. My question is what is the code for the back and forward arrows? It would also be so helpful if I would know the code for the home button and how to make the web browser manage downloads.

I'm using WebkitGtk as the web browser view.

The images are found here

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The images have nothing to do with how the code works. Specify what you use as the browser view: WebkitGtk, gtkmozembed, ... Have you read the reference manual for it? – Timo Jul 1 '12 at 18:05
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Your edit says you're using WebkitGtk, which has simple API calls for this.

Have a look at the reference manual, especially the webview.go_back() and webview.go_forward() methods.

A home button is pretty easy as well. You probably have stored the home url in a config file or constant/variable in your code, just load a new page with that value when the home button is pressed.

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