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I wish to connect my musical keyboard to linux (figured that part out)
But I would like to know my options for Virtual Grand Pianos.

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The Linux MultiMedia Studio (open source) and the EnergyXT (closed source, running natively under Linux) mentioned in this answer, is great for Music creators/producers and even performers. Placed here just for your convenience:

You can use both the Linux MultiMedia Studio (lmss) at which seems to be an alternative or similar software to Fruity Loops, Sony Acid, etc. It allows you to sample audio files, insert percussions, read/write midi's, etc.

If you are familiar to Fruity Loops,Sony Acid and these style of software you will feel comfortable with LMMS.

Screenshot provided right here for your convenience:

enter image description here

Another great sound work station is the Energy XT, which is indeed proprietary (closed source), running natively on linux and these days they have a "free" version which allows you to do some limited things like saving but including only 1 synth, 3 percussions and these things. The fancy of this is that it is really easy to use and it runs natively on linux.

Videos can be reached right here:

And a screenshot from my desktop for you to see the full version of energyXT at work is also here:

enter image description here

Both these are ready to run, but if you wish try finding alternatives to these applications, I suggest you this site: on which you can perform searching for almost any known application.

Additionally, the LMMS Wiki related to Midi, can be helpful for you, reach it right here:

I have tried some midi keyboards in the past, unfortunately I don't have them right now to run a test for you but I experienced some issues the first times and had to patch a few things in order to get the keyboard fully working. And I couldn't fix a major issue with a model, which I can't remember (I don't own it anymore), as the instructions were about to patch the keyboard's firmware itself.

I hope your midi keyboard is more compatible than these that I owned in the past. And if you provide further information about your keyboard's brand name and model it would be really helpful.

Good luck!

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I knew about LMMS but i never even though to check the wiki. (trivial but, i forgot) And thanks for the info, very handy. – TardisGuy Jul 1 '12 at 12:25

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