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I have a broadband ADSL connection to a modem router. I have connected this router 'A' to another wifi-modem router 'B' through a LAN cord.

Internet works fine in windows with wifi connection.

However, in linux (Android, Fedora, Ubuntu) it connects to the wifi network but I am not able to use internet.

Please note that all settings are automatic DHCP.

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Problem was that both routers A and B were acting as DHCP servers assigning same range of IP addresses. I disabled DHCP on router B and everything started working perfectly.

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Well few things can be a problematic here...

  • Is there any packet filter/MAC filter/firewall?
  • Does Linux get the same address pool as Windows?
  • Do you have a connection (i.e., do pings work) between Linux and Windows, Linux and router B, Linux and router A?
  • Could you please copy/paste ifconfig -a?
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