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I have a brand new epson aculaser c1700 and i'd like to have it working fine on ubuntu 12.04. so i did my homework, kind of, no printer driver comes for this printer in cups ... so i asked epson support who drove me to avasys who no longer handle support since december 2011.

This the question that is still in my mind : as this printer comes with an osx driver which uses cups as printer server, how come no driver can be found for cups?

I tried to get ppd and filters from osx driver and use them to install the printer on ubuntu but no answer from printer and none printed sheet i have .... i'm so disappointed i could cry ...

I'd like to work with someone to get this working fine, please help me!

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If Lorezo's solution did not work, these are Linux drivers for Epson printers in the AcuLaser line. I was not able to find a C1700 anywhere though. I have used drivers from here for my Epson printer and they work well.

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I got it working by downloading and installing the Xerox Phaser 6000/6100 driver from the Xerox support site here.

It is a zipped .deb file. It is i386 architecture.

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