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I updated to 12.04 from 11.10 recently and I had a few problems I solved without much effort.

But one thing is still bothering me. I uninstalled Wine (and removed the .wine directory) but the entries in the zeitgeist still appear.

Does anyone know how delete it?

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The following did the trick for me:

sudo apt-get remove wine1.4-dbg wine1.4-common wine1.4-amd64 wine1.4-dev winetricks wine1.4-i386
sudo apt-get autoremove

Reboot and be wine free.

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Try gksu nautilus to delete the directory. And try to restart your system, to make sure that the entries persist or not.

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I would avoid deleting things just yet. Move them to an innocuous folder and be ready to move them back if there is an issue. – hexafraction Oct 22 '12 at 11:33

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