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My audio has always worked perfectly on this hardware and 12.04. Yesterday I received an update, including a kernel update. Today the sound is periodically stuffed. In youtube, mkv files via VLC and embedded audio in web pages ( the sound can become stuttery, sped up or stopped mid play-back.

Where can I go to find if this is a known problem, or report it if it is not? Also, can I find a log that will tell me what packages were updated on my machine yesterday?

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I had the same problem, the solution for me was disabling automute.

alsamixer => disable automute

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! This fixed my problem with stuttery audio after doing some updates on Ubuntu 12.10. MASSIVE THANK YOU. Wish I could up vote this twice! – Mark Tomlin Mar 4 '13 at 7:22
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How to check if it is a known problem or report it if it is not?

Execute ubuntu-bug and follow the prompts.

Stuttery sound?

See bug #1019693. Also see Turning off PulseAudio timer scheduling, which might help.

Sped-up youtube?

This was seemingly a problem with Google Chrome. A chrome update was pushed the next day (30 June 2012 AEST) which fixed this problem.

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For me the stuttering happened when changing the volume of the song that's playing or when for example playing a song and another sound plays in between then the sound will stutter a bit.

In that case, just mute your microphone if you have one connected (or built-in in your laptop like in my case), then the stuttering stops.

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