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Installing Ubuntu minimal is extremely easy when the system has a LAN card and connected to internet via Cable & Router...

I Recently came across a situation where I needed to install Ubuntu Minimal on a system which wash not having a LAN card and cable internet anywhere around...
The only access to the internet was through a USB Plug n Play Data-Card Modem.

May anyone suggest something so that I may install Ubuntu Minimal using USB Modem as the only source of Internet, if it's possible at all?? (This relates to Ubuntu 12.04 in specific)

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Sorry, the minimal image includes only wired drivers and limited wireless (WiFi) support. What you want is not possible with the default mini.iso, although you can of course remaster it to include the necessary modules. Use the expert install, so you can drop to a shell (busybox) before the network detection part and load the modules, set the IP, etc.

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My you please suggest the workout to this.. Generally on a full installed system, the very moment i plug the USB modem, a CDFS file system mounts for the first time from where i install a .deb package... once installed, i get an menu option under internt; to launch its GUI and to manually dial the internet. – Z9iT Jun 30 '12 at 3:22

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