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I have some issues with my Ubuntu 12.04 .

  • When I open Ubuntu Software Center, the program opens and than just disappears just when it is opened.
  • My Ubuntu 12.04 won't install any updates because of this error in the picture.
  • Worst of all: I can't click on anything except for programs that from Ubuntu: for example I can't browse the internet via Firefox or Chromium... I can't click on folders. I can't click on things in my Thunderbird mail program. But I can click on Update manager for example... It is just clicking that doesn't work, when I try 'clicking' something with using the tab-button and enter I can click on something - in every case. But that's just too annoying to do.

Oh sorry guys I had some screenshots that illustrate the problems, but I can't get them off the 'problem pc ubuntu 12.04' about which I am talking... it's so sad

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First, try to fix Software Center:

  1. Press Alt+F2 to bring up the Run box
  2. Type bash and press Enter.
  3. Run this command: sudo aptitude reinstall software-center

Although you could run the command right from the Run box, starting bash first lets you see status and error messages from the command.

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